Sensex and Nifty View : Sensex seems to be bottoming out around 16k mark. In the extreme near term ( this week ) would see resistance around 16600-16700 band. Nifty similar levels would come to 4985/5015.

Traders who have taken Nifty futures/Nifty bees as advised to be accumulated on declines shud reduce exposure at the above levels and keep trailing stops.
Stocks to watchout for :

Hind Dorr Oliver can give a sharp move above 186.

Concurrent India ( Kushagra Software ) , K Sera Sera are being touted to be weird movers in the next couple of months. Gamblers can have a look for quick 30-50% .

Hindustan Unilever looks an excellent buy on declines in parts at 235/215 as a defensive bet.

Fortis Healthcare and Apollo Hospitals continue to maintain the strong momentum. Long term investors should continue to hold on. Traders can book profit on further rise.
Some Stock Specific charts

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