NEW PLAN – DELIVERY GAINS ! ! ( wealth creation )

Analyse India please to announce a new subscription plan for investors/traders who are looking for short to medium term delivery calls.

1) Delivery calls with a view:
2-4 weeks.
1-3 mths.
6-12 mths.
2) Appropriate Target , Stoploss and a brief on the company.
3) Fortnightly Review of Market and Stocks covered.
4) The stocks covered would be fundamentally sound and well-researched with a technical bias to time the entries and exit.
5) The no of stock calls might be limited to 3-5 in a month and at times would be less also.Major focus would be midcaps and select large caps/small caps.
6) Updates would be sent via mail in a detailed document. If required there would be follow up SMS also.
7) Strategy on how to accumulate stocks with exact levels would also be mailed if required.
+ Lot lot more 🙂
Target Audience:
Highly Advisable for passive traders who would not be checking markets on a day to day basis.
Traders who would like to also have a long term portfolio.
To create wealth with well researched investments with a long term view.
Subscription Charges:
1) Quarterly - Rs 7000
2) Half Yearly - Rs 12000
3) Annual - Rs 20000.
To get the account details please mail to
The stock recommendations would start any time from 4-8 February. So enroll at the earliest.
For any more queries call Nooresh 09819225396 ( after market hours )

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