Quick charts – Zee on move …. Tech Mahindra,Lanco Infra ( weak ) , Tanla , JBF Inds

Blogging regularly is going to be an issue with the 9 am start so for now will be micro blogging more through the day with lots of tweets in the day !!
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Pass the link to others 🙂 and tweet it around , make it your status update :! .... So the blog is read by more people
Stocks to watchout for :
Lanco Infra ( weak ) , Tech Mahindra , Tanla , JBF Inds

Technical Analysis Training Schedule :

Mumbai ---- > January 23rd - 24 th 2010. ( few seats Left )
Delhi --- > February 6-7 th ( few seats left )

We have a few interested people in Coimbatore,Hyderabad. So if people would like a session in their city please mail to analyseindia@gmail.com
Technical Views on some stocks !


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