Early Entry !! Lesser Risk !! — Thats Analyse India !! IFCI,Bajaj Fin, Rpower, First Leasing tech charts

In the last few weeks majority of the midcaps and small caps have zooomed up !!!
The very first time i said about START RESEARCHING ON MIDCAPS was in Novemeber end
Also posted a view on Accentia Tech so ppl might get inspired seeing a techie give funda analysis 🙂 ... Stock moved from 120 to 200 in 1-2 mths ! and still not stopping.
Next i posted a detailed view and technical reasons to suggest why Midcaps/Smallcaps should start shooting up !
We have got many 20-40% movers in near term for our clients and consistently moving from one stock to another.
Below are few stocks and technical view on them.

Technical Analysis Training Schedule :

Mumbai ---- > January 23-24 2010
Banglore --- > January 9th-10th ( few seats left )
We have a few interested people in Delhi,Coimbatore,Hyderabad. So if people would like a session in their city please mail to analyseindia@gmail.com
Sensex the next Multibagger ... a technical view Banglore January 9th - Time 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Mail to analyseindia@gmail.com to register. Charges Rs 500.



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