Technical Analysis Training Sessions !!

Technical Analysis Training Schedule :

Mumbai ---- > January 2nd- 3rd 2010.
Banglore --- > January 9th-10th ( few seats left )
We have a few interested people in Delhi,Coimbatore,Hyderabad. So if people would like a session in their city please mail to
Sensex the next Multibagger ... a technical view Banglore January 9th - Time 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Mail to to register. Charges Rs 500.

About the Course :

Analyse India will make you the masters of your own destiny, independent investors and traders par excellence! Learn how to study and analyze charts, make investment decisions based on the Principles of Technical Analysis. Our trainers will ensure learning Technical Analysis will be an easy and enjoyable experience

  • 8-10 students per batch
  • Technical Analysis software
  • 1 month post training support
  • Free EOD data for 1 year (Historical data since 1979)
  • Stock list for 1 month
  • Joint analysis for 1 week
  • Language – English and Hindi
  • Base City – Mumbai

The course fees are Rs 14,000
( This seems high to people.But traders bet/lose lakhs of rupees on unknown stocks with no analysis but dont like to put in a small self development fee for a LIFETIME !!! )
Inclusive of :
Lunch/Tea at Venue.
Historical End of Day Data.
End of Day Data for 1 year.
Charting Software ( training on how to use )
Back up Support for next 1 month.
Mumbai people have an option to sit with us in the evening analysis for 2 weeks.
Course will be conducted by Mr N S Fidai and Nooresh Merani.
1) For whom is the course meant for ?
The course requires no prior knowledge of technical analysis.Its a must for people who are involved with market be it part-time or full time. The general audience is investors, traders, professional corporates and brokers. The aim of the course is to make you independent and come out with analysis like we do on the blog and decide for themselves in a result oriented manner.
2) Are 2 days enough ?
The course has been designed in a manner to include everything important and above all effective analysis which are actually completed in 1 1/2 day and the last session is mainly for practical analysis.
Its a misconception that technical analysis is some rocket science. One needs to apply simple methods and practice it over time.
3) How much time do i need to give after the course ?
We expect participants to be able to remove 1 hour a day or 2-3 hours in the weekend to practice ( this later becomes a habbit ) . Majority of the people surf on the net more then the above time.
I would cut the questions part here as it can continue forever. People having more queries can call me after market hours. But yes i would recommend the course to everyone who is involved with markets. Its one investment which is definitely a multi-multi-bagger πŸ™‚ with returns from next day onwards !!!!!!!!

Nooresh 09819225396

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