Pleasantly Surprised not Shocked by SENSEX !!!

Sensex jumps 500 points !!!!

This thing might have come as a shock to many traders !! Some on the short side or on sidelines might have been pissed....
To us it was a pleasant surprise as always.
In the last 2 bottom up pull ups we picked it correctly at
We got it RIGHT AGAIN read the posts below to see how many times i have mentioned 16600 !!!

Now 3 days back i sent a message to everyone on my free yahoo list as well as readers who registered for the mobile updates.
nooresh merani (12/18/2009 3:15:03 PM): Sensex important support levels around 16600 zone. Nifty 4940 and Bank Nifty 8550-8600. These levels are important on closing basis.Till they hold remain Bullish.!
Lows :
Sensex 16577
Nifty 4944
Bank Nifty 8560
So we remained bullish had a buy call on Nifty as well as Bank Nifty getting only 30 and 100 points but majorly the focus is stock specific which is giving good returns today.
This has always been the case from our technical support levels.. Markets surprises us pleasantly which is a SHOCK for lot many ppl on street.
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