Can we see sharp move on Expiry ???

Sensex Technical View :

The bullish trend continues but it needs to be seen when does the Sensex cross 17500 or how it reacts in this range.
Simple strategy is to focus on broader markets and keep a watch on 17k levels on Sensex. The midcap small caps continue to flourish.
Expiry day could see some wild moves and a speculation says it shud close above 5200 to hit the call writers... Lets c how it goes , as expiry is not a technical phenemenon i dont consider it much πŸ™‚
Stocks to watchout for:

Charts posted for Jyoti Structures and Usha Martin ltd
Some days back we had an exhibition in Mumbai. People those who attended and gave in their e-mail ids got a free investment pick and strategy.
The stock was Tinplate at 66-68. Stock has now moved to its target of 80/90. Client call was also initiated the same day with medium term view.
Cool returns of 20-25% in less then 1 month. !!
Of late the defensive stocks like Balkrishna Inds, Saraswati Ind Syndicate and KCP Ltd have started moving up. Investors can continue to hold on for long term.
Other favorites like Rishi Laser, Clutch Auto, Prakash Inds continue to zoom... Core is lagging behind
Of the two fundamental picks by me Accentia Technologies is moving to its price target of 200 !!It was recommended at 120 odd levels. Technical bias so quicker move !!! .... A move of 70% in less than 2 mths .... Hope people enjoyed
Surya Pharma also recommended at 135 odd levels is now at 165. Continue to maintain the long term view of 200+ or a multibagger.
Have a few stocks which i am trying to study hope to get one by end of the weekend ... Difficult to funda analyse πŸ˜›

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