Wait out …… Index Over-stretched for near term !

Sensex Technical View :

First red candle after slow upmoves ! ... Though no signs of reversal as of now but sustained closing below 16600-16700 could take it to 16000 levels in near term. Continue to wait and watch.
Stocks to watchout for :
Moser keep a stop of 94 ( disclosure booked half at 102 and trailing got hit at 97 ) , WWIL stop 20.3, Genus stop 200.
No stock specific updates as from here on it would be difficult to take trades as risk is increasing and in many cases decisions have to be taken in the day. Little uncomfortable on the index for near term.
So take a break relax over the long weekend 🙂 research more , learn more 🙂
Investment pick :
J K Agri Genetics
Investment value of 160-190 crs against a mkt cap of 50-60 crs. Debts of 40-45 crs.
Into Agro based business so does deserve a better price in 6 mths to 1 yr. Buy on declines from 165-145 only with long term view.
Do your research as stock is illiquid and dont expect movements in near term although possible.


tentatively scheduled for 3rd-4th October.

Brief details :

  • 6-8 students per batch
  • Technical Analysis software
  • 1 month post training support
  • Free EOD data for 1 year (Historical data since 1979)
  • Stock list for 1 month
  • Joint analysis for 1 week
  • Language – English and Hindi/Gujrati
Course Fees: Rs 14000

For more details/confirmations call Nooresh 09819225396.

We have some inquiries from Banglore and Hyderabad. People seriously interested please mail to analyseindia@gmail.com so we can schedule sessions in Oct end or November.

FOR OUR STOCK ADVISORY SERVICES and more check www.analyseindia.com

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