Caution,Book profits … But keep trading with stops !!

Sensex Technical View :

plz check post below. View is to book profits /wait and watch/trade with lower volumes with short term view and strict stops.
Its not necessary to be part of every market move !!!
Updates will be restricted to few lines for this and next week - ( lil tired , festivals and more work )
Stocks to watchout for :
Essar Oil buy arnd 160-162 for the day stop of 158 tgt 172
Divis Labs maintain investment hold can expect 600 in short term.Buy on declines.
Moser Baer buy if closes above 95
Small cap cements stocks like OCL India , Heidelberg , Prism Cements look good for 1-2 weeks. Traders can keep watch for momentum.
Wire Wireless buy above 22 in momentum
B L Kashyap can book part or trail for medium term.
tentatively scheduled for Sept 3-4
for more details call Nooresh 09819225396 ( aftr mkt hours ) or mail to
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