Some technical charts and observation

CLICK on the charts above to have a zoomed view and read the levels mentioned.
Stock review:
Aptech did 230 to 280 in 2 sessions. Alpha geo 200 to 250 in 2 sessions 🙂 ... Hope people enjoyed. Micro Tech broken out stop 142.
Ganesh Housing hold for 140-150. Henkel broken out can book and shift now. Uflex 100 those who are not for long term book out. ITD cement ,Ion exchange , GPIL can book. Hikal hold for medium term.
Small cap picks for risky players with 3 weeks view: High risk high returns.
Usher Agro
Temptation Foods.
Gremach Infra



AUGUST 29-30

( No requirement of any technical knowledge, learn simple practical technical analysis which works )

Its better to pay and learn something which stays for a lifetime. But many prefer to lose in their speculative trades then to learn 🙂

Call 09819225396

Nooresh to confirm your seat/queries / details.

BEst regards,
Nooresh 09819225396 ( after market hours )

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