Quick Review of stocks discussed

Just a quick review on all the investment stocks mentioned on the blog since May 08 

BLUE STAR   --- 180 to 275.                                     240 was half booking 
Fortis -  74 to 109 .                                                      tgt 90 to book half.
DISH TV 34 to 45                                                        tgt of 41.5 done.
GDL 65 to 99                                                                 book half and hold for long term.
IFGL refractories 22 to 28                                         book half and hold for 32-35.
Time Techno 32 to 42                                                 
Patel Integrated 24 to 35
Aurion Pro 95 to 117 
SCI 99 to 130                                                                book half and next 145 possible.
Kirloskar Oil 62 to 85 
Agro Tech Foods 115 to 130                                         add on declines to 115 for long term.
Avaya Global 103 to 130                                               Book fully or keep trailing stop.
This is just a small list of stocks which was mentioned on the blog in last 2 weeks with an investment view. 
Many other stocks which were given as trading bets Harrison Malayalam, Bank of Rajasthan ,Escorts, NDTV , Zee News,Central bank which were with a very quick trading view.
Also have not included the small cap rockers like indo wind lakshmi engg etc etc.
Hope people have benefitted immensely from the above recommendations. We have had quite a different set of exact trades in our recommendations which will be discussed only at the end of the month in our monthly performance report.
Cant discuss those stocks openly as we still have an exposure to the same. 

Its been 3 years since i started the blog https://nooreshtech.blogspot.com. I hope that many of the readers might have benefitted from the analysis and views posted. 
I request all the readers ( the silent ones also ) to fill the form below in details. This would help the blog get better 🙂 and help us know more about our readers.
Hope to see good participation !! 

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