Performance Report- March 2009

I have just made a consolidated report on the trades adviced to clients.

This is just a sample report and made for the first time so please point out if any mistakes/miscalculations/suggestions. 
The trading calls sent in the last 1 month have been posted on the right side link bar -- Trading Calls Performance Report. 
Also the trading calls sent via sms/yahoo for 1st 2 weeks of April is also posted on the right side. 
Will follow it up with the performance for the month of April.
Hope this clarifies our services to all the interested people who have been inquiring for the last few months. 

The above report is just an illustration for better understanding of our services and interested people can also go through the trading calls detailed sheet ( with time and exact messages ) given on the right sidebar in the blog –

The above report would be followed by another report of the performance in April 2009.

 To subscribe to the above services check the below link for the details.


For more queries/account details:


Yahoo id: meraninooresh (preferably after market hours)

Mobile: 09819225396 (only after market hours) 

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