Warned to avoid Banks !!! Selling calls since last 3 weeks on them.

Sensex Technical View:

The technical view remains the same as yesterday as we are still in the same move. If it continues to stay below 8500 for few sessions it could well head to 7700 zone also. Although Sensex has been dipping in the last 3-4 sessions and may soon get into oversold category but that doesnot imply buying. 
After the breakdown from triangle Sensex might now be in a downchannel as shown yesterday in chart. The channel line comes to around 7800-7900 from where we can see some breather in the drop. So one can cover shorts on dips to 7900 odd and wait. 

On the long term the supports are placed at 7200-6800 ( i prefer this level more) zone if we break recent lows and 6150-6500 would be a worst - worst case scenario in the next few months. This could be the last wave of selling ideally around the 13-14 mth based on time analysis. So its the time-wise pain more then the price-wise.

I had mentioned about this breakdown from a possible triangle and warned around 3 weeks back with the triangle videos hope investors were benefitted. 
Check the you tube  videos here or on right sidebar links.

Stocks to watchout for :

In the yesterdays post clearly mentioned to avoid any buying in banks inspite of RBI cuts.BOI n BOB as expected dint sustain.Even others made new 52 week lows. Technical Analysis at work !! 

Bhel breaks down to touch 1280 --. Gave a good short trade by opening around 1340-1350. 

Reliance Inds should find support around 1120-1070 range. So wait for a clear trend below 1070 to short or buy around 1105-1095 with a stop of 1070 for an intraday spurt of 20-30 bucks. Take a trade if u wish too 🙂 or just watch. 

Renuka Sugars may give a dip if stays below 75-76. Risky traders can short below 76 with a stop of 79 for a tgt of 72-69. 

Long term investors can look towards Axis Bank as an investment with a similar pattern as LnT by pyramiding the exposure. Starting at 315 and lower till 225. Check LNT Report on right sidebar for the strategy. Will post calculations for Axis by weekend. 

Have posted a few presentations and reports on different topics in the last couple of weeks.

Listing down the reports and their description 





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