New Presentations, Reports – and more

Have posted a few presentations and reports on different topics in the last couple of weeks.

Listing down the reports and their description 

1) Averaging --- 

A presentation on how people tend to make mistakes with averaging and how it could be done. A simple and clear explanation to optimize investment. 

2) Pyramid Strategy --- Larsen and Toubro - Long term buy 

The extension of averaging method with a formulation of an investment strategy with a technical bias. 

3)Future is past entered through another gate 

The presentation on current condition of Sensex and other world indices. 

4) Technical Analysis at Work! 

In the last few weeks we had quite a lot of good trades for which charts were posted. A compilation of the same to understand how technical analysis works effectively 

5) Gold Technical Review 

Yet another compilation of charts on Gold and how the movements from 930-890 then 930-980 etc etc were spotted technically. 

6) Sms and Yahoo Report 

As everyone knows we do have an advisory service for short term and investment recommendations. Just a report of the messages sent in the last couple of weeks so people can understand the mode of communication and performance. 

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