Advisory Services – Subscription Details.

Scheme :

Newsletter : 

The Newsletter contains market view, daily index levels and stock recommendations. Newsletter will be sent as an email in the morning before market hours around 9.30-9.45 or can be viewed on website

Messenger : 

The messenger calls contain extreme short term trading and investment picks with regular follow ups.. There might be days when you will receive a whole lot of messages and on some day zero. We do not propose excessive trading, as we are your advisors and not brokers. We strive to give you exclusive and selected recommendations wherein risk to reward ratio is favourable.

SMS Service : 

SMS service are for People on Go, subscribers who do not have access to yahoo messenger during the day. 



Charges :

Quarterly : 

Newsletter + Messenger + SMS (optional) Charges: Rs 9000/- Additional Rs 2000 for SMS

Half Yearly : 

Newsletter + Messenger + SMS (optional) Charges: Rs 15000/- Additional Rs 3000 for SMS

Annual : 

Newsletter + Messenger + SMS (optional) Charges: Rs 25000/- Additional Rs 5000 for SMS

Benefits to annual Clients : 

Portfolio Analysis every quarter. 

Stock specific queries will be addressed on chat or phone.

Mode of communication : 

Website, email, yahoo messenger and sms

Trials : 

We do not provide free trials.

Rules : 

Do not reply to any of the messages sent as recommendations. 


No online support for stock specific queries because it will hamper our concentration to pick stocks for you. 


All the price levels are cash levels and one may adjust accordingly, if trading in F&O. 


Send a Mail to , to get the account details for subscription services. 


SMS or call 09819225396 Nooresh


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