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Hi Friends,

We have just launched a new website which will contain daily technical view on sensex , global indices and stocks.

For last couple of years updates were being made on the blog and now to increase the ease of communication among all stakeholders.

Following features are available and many more will be added to the site in coming months.
1) Daily blog
Consists of the Sensex technical view , market observations and thoughts and specific stocks ( tgts , stops , resistances ) ---->

2) Global Technical View
Every few days updates on Dow Jones , European indices, Commodities and Asian indices with levels for reference ---->
Global Technical View

3)Past Performance
This will be updated regularly with messages sent to subscribed clients which may help readers to understand our services. ---- >

Users can create polls ( create content - polls ) on various topics and vote on the same to get a generalized view . --- >

5) Forums
This is one of the best ways to discuss on various topics. Create your own forum topics , reply to current topics. Users can put in images, links etc to give an elaborate personal view. Discussions help in information sharing and knowledge gain ! ----

A separate chatroom with instant updates possible throughout the day. Share stock specific information ,news flashes, market rumours etc for all the users to read --->

7) Shoutbox
A quick shoutbox wherein all the users can post queries for replies from the admin :P. Simple to use and interact.Also links are there to mail to Nooresh for personal queries.

8) VIDEOS and Knowledge Center.
This sections will contain video analysis of Sensex and other stocks updated on frequent intervals. Knowledge Center to be updated with information on basic knowledge related to markets and more.

9 ) Clients Section
This section is for the clients subscribed to our exclusive recommendations which consists of Newsletters, Sms /Yahoo message archives and other info daily.

10 ) Services Offered

Stock Advisory Services, Technical Analysis Training, End of Day Data for Technical Analysis softwares.

Soon there would be much much more. Readers can put in their comments and suggestions by using the add comment link at the end of the every post.All the above utilities are available on registration on the site and readers would be receiving mails also on reports,site updates and good information.

If you like information and views on the site pass it on to your friends ( share link too ) so we can get more people to contribute their views.
Hope to see good contribution in form of comments, suggestions and forum discussions.

Those of you who are interested in writing articles or posting information on various topics can send in a mail to !!!

Best Regards,
Analyse India
Nooresh Merani


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