We need nos !! Inflation was imp now IIP is !!

Sensex Technical View :
Although the day was a flat one on Sensex the overall positive bias remains. On extreme short term the supports are around 9100-9300 and resistance at 9900-10100. Continue to be stock specific as the major action is going to be in them.

Stocks to watchout for :

Of the discussed stocks yesterday Rpl essar oil and rnrl gave good moves with rnrl being a super move still seems there is some more steam left in them. Hindalco flopped and hit stop.
Reliance also has jumped 100 bucks from the breakout level of 1190.

Praj Inds looks set for a bounce back if able to sustain 61.5-62 levels. expect 70 +.

Other stock calls would be based on intra moves as volatility would be high.... Lil tired more updates in the weekend

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