Stock Specific gains !!! Index nothing much

Sensex Technical View :
Well its difficult to write on sluggish sensex moves these days ! .. The levels to watch are 14200 on support and 15100 on resistance.

Although index has not moved much lot of the discussed stocks have moved up 30-40 % in short term so its important to be focussed !!! And as being mentioned that do homework and those who did have been making good gains in past few weeks πŸ™‚

Stocks to watchout for :
Andhra Sugars ( client pick ) moves up smartly 98 to 118 , Sakthi inches up almost 35% frm reco all other sugars running as suggested few days back .
.Titan rocks does 1270 + , Gmr infra continues, First leasing safe bet hold ...All the long term picks for investment are giving returns in short term -- Tata Chemicals 250 to 330 , Rohit ferro , Sakthi Sugars etc etc ...

Century Textiles buy above 525 for a tgt of 560 + .Indus Ind above 63 could move 10 -15 % .Quick traders can buy Welspun arnd 345-350 with 10 rs stop for tgt of 375.

Lupin has crossed 760 and closing above it for few days can give a move to 850 + .

RPL is on the verge of a breakout. Traders can buy for a short term tgt of 190+

Good reports seen in the caustic soda related companies .. ( tata chemicals over ran tgts coz of that ) .... Bihar Caustic is firming up on charts buy on dips to 68 -70 for a tgt of 90 in medium term

High risk short term pick :

GHCL ltd cmp 80
The stock has given a good breakout on charts today above 74-76 and hit a 20 % freeze today. But there are rumours of a possible takeover since last many months and an open offer after that. Risky traders can buy for short term tgt of 100 + .

long term bet :

Indsil Electro Smelt :

The company is getting into a mining foray into manganese mining and has got into a JV etc etc. Details of all these can be searched on the net πŸ™‚ .... Check bse announcements . Will put up a detailed view on this alternate power and minin pick as lil late tonight to write more !
Long term investors can take partial exposures at dips or current levels . ( Disclosure recommended at 78 to clients )

The blog is updated is being updated every day before market hours for a long time now ... But havent seen much comments , suggestions and feedback from the readers . People can mail their suggestions to . If u like and benefit from the stuff written here pass it around so all can benefit.


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