Markets can be Boring at times ! ..

Sensex Technical View :
For a change Indian markets and world markets have not given some shocks and are staying sluggish , can remain in boring period for some time. Sensex 13700/14050 and 14800-15100 on upside ar the range for now . It could be a difficult time for traders as there are no major directional moves.

Market observations and Thoughts :
GHCL pulls up a bit.
Merill Lynch has added a 1% stake in Ansal Infra as per bse deals but the stock still doesnt seem to be pulling up.
Tata Steel is in a crucial stage either it can go to 700 from here or 450. 550 is the level which will decide.

Crude and Gold are taking a break for some time after lot of ups and downs. Crude 108-110 if broken can lead to another big dip. Gold 780-840 for now.

Stocks to watchout for :
Kilitch wait for brkout, Coromandel dipped for adding with 2-4 % stop,GHCL , Lokesh and Ennore so morning moves which fizzled but look good. Tinplate up 15-18 % .

No particular stock looking exciting enough.

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