Let Markets decide the next move !

Sensex Technical View :
Sensex seems cramped for last few days waiting for a trigger to either hit 14100/13700 or take a shot at 14800/15100 + . Well where would it go ! wont like to take a speculative bet and wait for the markets to give a cue and then take a call coz it can remain sideways for more time also.
Its not necessary to trade everyday !!!

Market Observations :
Change of hands in pennar inds is something happening?? .Vintage Cards reduction of capital and then zooming ! isnt it unusual !

Crude and gold getting in a range too .. Crude reacts from 122 to sub 113 and bounces. Gold frm 840 to 810 and bounces. All markets seem to be in sleepy mood.

Stocks to watchout for :

IDFC seems to be settling around the 90 zone . Can buy for a bounce near to 90-93 with a stop of 88.

Jindal Saw and Motilal Oswal look good for bottom fishing. Investors will need patience to see returns as slow movers.

Cipla above 243 and Gtl infra above 42.5 could see some momentum for quick traders.



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