Crude crack frm 122, Gold dips frm 838-840 !! Commodity bear phase ??

Sensex Technical View :
Sensex has made a low of 14136 which is closer to the 50 % retracement ( 14050 ). On the upside need to watch 14800-15100 zone for extreme short term . Sensex can continue to move sluggishly for quite some time as discussed in previous posts so let market decide and then act and look for stock specific investments.

Market Observations and Thoughts :
GHCL seems to be one of the buzzers on the rumours ckt and can potentially move up sharply if something really good comes in ! and technically also is in a good position . Risk remains ! with news always though ...

Observing data on BSE and NSE regularly has always lot of things which may not seem to be right or weird ! . Remember the earliest one CNBC techie banned 🙂 ... Just checked out something interesting in SEL Mfg . CHECK INSIDER TRADES . Stock has lost 60 % in no time .Find a bit more it will become interesting 🙂 is all i can say then takin names or details.

Crude declines from 122 odd the zone of 122-124 which i was looking at. Gold pulls back from close to 840. Just a thought which comes to the mind is -- We did pick the big fall from 140 to 112 on crude but is it that there is more downside or a big bear market unfolding in it ! . Is it a major top . Will need to see the long term charts to come up with more details but technical trackers of crude can provide the inputs. Gold also seems in a difficult stage.

Stocks to watchout for :

SAIL has a minor resistance around 155-158 if crosses could test 170 too.

Kilitch Drugs ( wait for brkout ) , Coromandel fert ( flag brkout n move lil dip be used to buy )
GHCL ( speculative ) , Tinplate ( about to bounce up ) look interesting in the small cap segment .

Some other speculative ones would be Ennore coke and Lokesh machines for extreme short term but risky ones.

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