Crude 114 .. Suggested a big fall at 140s !!!!

Sensex Technical View :

Crude :
In the very first dip from 146 to 136 it was also suggested on the blog .

When crude made a top of 147 odd just check the view given a day before.
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But technically its a rising triangle/wedge pattern which is generally seen near Major tops being formed . 148 -149 level is the very crucial level as per the line its following on upside.

Chart posted when crude was quoting 137-138 ( u can see it on the chart too and time , clearly stated topping out πŸ˜‰

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Rising triangle/Wedge Pattern is highly bearish if broken can lead to big fall >>> its about time when it cracks as topping out.
Crude needs to break 134-136 which will lead to a big collapse.

Again at 126-128 written that we are headed to 110 levels in coming few weeks.

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All through this period there had been reports of 170-200 Crude πŸ™‚ . We sticked to our view of a big fall in crude.. Suddenly at 115-120 dollar the view is completely changed i wont be surprised if we see a report of 80 $ tgt πŸ™‚

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