Sluggishness to continue till 16100 /16700 breaks….

Sensex Technical View :
Yet another indecisive trading day on friday . Sensex 16100 and 16700 are the near term ranges. If 16700 broken we could see 17150 odd and on 16100 broken could see 15880-15300 slowly. Till Sensex stays between the above range there could be stock specific moves and traders can keep strict stops for the same .

Stocks to watchout for :
Guj alkali has triggered a breakout keep 188 stop, Spice tele does 60 frm 46 although we exitted at 54 and nominal left at 58 + , Tata comm above 525 looks good ,

NIIT looks good if breaks 112-113 for a quick tgt of 125 + .

Onmobile buy above 680 for a tgt of 720-740 . Risk is little high as a new listing so volatility is more .

tera software and Mold tek look interesting for investment.

High risk picks for the week with 3-5% stop frm cmp :
IVR PRIME and Dhanus Tech

Messages Sent to clients :

26-May-2008 10:13:54
Spice Tele has crossed 46 can buy small qty with 44.3 stop.
26-May-2008 12:33:57
Raise stop in Spice tele to 45.5 tgt at 50-54.

29-May-2008 10:39:20
BIhar Tubes buy at 185-187 for delivery add at 172-175 stop of 169 tgt 210-220.Momentum if sstains 187.

30-May-2008 10:02:42
Bihar tubes trail stop to 188 book part at 200-205 tgt 218.GUJ alkali buy if sustains above 195.5 stop of 187 tgt 210-220

30-May-2008 12:02:54
BUY infosys at 1915-1920 stop of 1890 tgt 1965.

Infosys , Bihar tubes , Guj alkali holding on for some gains with trailing stops.


The technical analysis session we conduct is for people who are interested in understanding the process of analyzing technicals in a simple , quick and efficient manner and would like to get independent in analyzing and deciding for themselves throughout in the future.

MUMBAI JUNE 3rd weekend tentatively ..

Interested people can call me at 919819225396 after market hours for queries and confirmations or mail to

Best Regards,

Nooresh ,


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