Few years back in Sept , 2005 we had come out with the presentation around 8000 index titled " Post 8000 BOOM or DOOM ???? " with the projection of 25k , 45k and 77k by the year 2018 when many were thinking of the end of the story while we were of the view it was the beginning rather then the end ! . We have seen markets jump upto 21k till 2008 in the first phase of the 13 yr cycle discussed. For in depth details check ....

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In continuation of the earlier projection have made another presentation " KAL AAJ ........aur KAL ????" now in June 2008 with a brief view of further time projection, retracements possible but the long term target projections remain the same.

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Go through both the presentations !!!

Comments are invited on the above views and if u like the stuff pass it around so more people can comment on the same . As there are much more aspects which can be considered and few of our technical observations and conclusions have been put up and some more will be seen regularly in coming days on the blog.

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