Selling pressure continues at higher levels………..

Sensex Technical View :
The strategy continues to be same invest on dips and trade the pullback rallies . Sensex gap up opening could not sustain but only thing is we dont have a closing gap to be bothered about. Short term traders should watch for 15300 and 16450 as levels . Continue to be stock specific as out of index stocks will see value buying .

Stocks to watchout for :
Hotel Leela can be bought around 40 with a stop of 37for bottom bounce . Risky call .
BHEL if goes below 1750 one can go short.
Hind oil exploration buy on dips with a stop of 108 . ( call given to clients today and booked part )

Rpl does does 174 + from recommendation prices of 158 in 2 sessions. Praj hits 147 + frm 118-120.
Message sent today

02-Apr-2008 13:08:12
buy Hind Oil exploration on dips arnd 110-113 stop of 105 or above 118 for a tgt of 135 -140 . ( Stock was trading at 115-117 then )

02-Apr-2008 14:19:57
Hind Oil exp traders can book part at 124-125 and raise stop to 117 TGT 135-140 possible.





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