World Indices in a triangle …….

Just had a brief view of the World Indices and all the charts seem to be in a triangle formation and waiting for possible triggers and breakout in coming few sessions . The next 2 weeks seem to be crucial in the sense of possible directional moves. Cant say what can be the trigger for world markets as i dont see indian budget to be effecting them economically. Breakout on lower side would mean testing intermediate lows made between Jan 22 and now. Shanghai is the only index which seems in trouble as of now technically but has been a wildly moving index so difficult to judge.
Posting alll the charts below and it can be clearly seen that all the indices are in somewhat a triangle formations with not much difference in magnitude also .
Strategy should be to wait and watch closely the moves and stay hedged if one is heavily on either side be it short or long. Also dont be in a hurry to deploy cash at this juncture as the indices need more time to come out of the breakout . Investment opportunities would come at good value levels in case of testing intermediate lows or the indices might catch good momentum on upward breakout and buying a little higher would be more comfortable.
The current consolidation dont seem to be set for breaking the Jan lows since indices are trading 7-10 % above from lows and there are no more major economic triggers expected to cause a quick selloff. Unless there is something out of the blue which we cant fathom.

This is just a pure technical view given on a brief analysis of recent daily charts .
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