Stale Mate…….. Bears and Bulls

Sensex Technical View :

Sensex is maintaining the range between 17200-17300 and 18300-18500 on upper and lower sides and we will continue see small stock specific moves .. So continue to stay calm and wait for next 2-3 weeks which will give a good direction .

Stocks to watchout for :

SAIL looks good for 248 levvels can buy on dips .
Ranbaxy keep a watch if breaks above 435 till then nuthin doin .
Banks have seen some goodd selling on back of Plr rate cuts which might affect margins but a good correction should be seen as an opportunity to buy for long term . Would prefer SBI , PNB etc
Infosys as was mentioned above 1600 is good does 1640 and still some more to come keep trailing ...

Messages Sent yest n today

20-Feb-2008 14:38:03
buy GMR infra for btst at 174.5 stop of 170 tgt 182 -187
( was trading at 172 that time )
20-Feb-2008 14:48:26
Keep a strict stop of 169 for GMR infra.
21-Feb-2008 10:30:10
Book partial profits in GMR at 181-182 raise stop to 176 next tgt 188.

21-Feb-2008 11:05:53

Infosys looks good above 1600-1605 can buy on dips around 1570 stop of 154 tgt 1660-1720.
( was trading at 1595 did 1640 by end of day )

MUMBAI FEB 23-24 .

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