Range Bound moves to continue………

Sensex Technical View :
Sensex should continue to remain range bound qith 18300-18500 band as resistance on upside and 17200-17500 on the lower side. Traders will have a tough time taking directional calls for some more days. Investors should wait for dips near to 17200-17500 zone to again deploy some cash. Those who played the earlier bounce and pulled back cash can again start looking for dips.

Stocks to watchout for :
Infosys can give a nice move if it sustains above 1600 levels can toucch 1660-1750 on higher side ...
K S Oils looks good for long term as promoter buying is seen for last few months ...

There are whole lot of stocks in the mid caps which look exciting on fundamental basis but investors will need lot of patience as they will take more time . So the strategy should be take only an initial exposure and then wait for a change in trend or reversal or stable mkt conditions as it is better to buy the stock at extreme panic levels when there is a good reversal as currently the holding period seems longer and only patient investors . Till then do ur homework find a good list of stocks with nice fundamentals , good mgmt and do ur research to shortlist a few of them and look for attractive levels.


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The course is designed in such a way that u need no knowledge of technicals or fundamentals just brief idea of mkts. The course is meant to train and make people independent and be able to analyze the way we do it in a simple manner. All those who are really interested in learning the analysis can get in touch if they have any queries . Nooresh 09819225396.

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