Overdone…. not only India but all over…

Sensex has corrected more then 4ooo points in less then 10 sessions ......... This is overdone in terms of magnitude and time compared to all previous corrections and that is why in last many weeks we were emphasizing on the importance of discipline in form of stoplosses, no leverage...etc etc all the things we know but may not actually apply it fully .....

The only way people must have lost big money in the markets is by being on extra leverage and Traders always get killed in corrections if they dont follow stoplosses so take care the next time...

One thing to note in markets is :
The thing in markets is you lose money sometimes in it but if u know how to make money when it gives then markets continues to give opportunities.

Discipline is one thing market tries to teach u everytime and u need to learn it once to stop commiting same mistakes.

Sensex Technical View :

Sensex has breached important supports at 17500 and any further panic selling should stabilize and rise from ....... levels. Will update the full view with chart during the day . Report being sent to clients.

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