Dow not supporting a new rally …. supports

Sensex Technial View :

Technically Sensex has giveen a fresh breakout and sustaining abov 20500 shud toucch 21500-21900 zone. Supports for near term placed at 20250 and 20050 which are important levels in weak global sentiments.

Dow Jones checked the chart online its a bearish pattern head and shoulders but only below 12600-12700 could we see real pain . till then nuthin particular to worry about

Stocks to watchout ;

Just returned late frm indore so small update...

Ashok Leyland looks good on declines for positional pick ... Above 55-56 momentum

Escorts above 176 and IDBI above 181 shud catch momentum

Investment pick for long term ;

Ingersoll Rand .... will put detail soon

Weird Small cap idea :

Bhoruka gases...

One of the talked about sstock in previous runs ...looking good on charts watchout

Compact disc ....watchout for non stop freezes

Nahar Spinning mills and Sakthi sugars look good on charts watchout for some volume action to trigger buying....

All the sugars apart frm the FNO segment are shaping up well on the charts ... so ppl stuck long time back hold... Will update more with a list

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION ( batch zie less then 10 )

MUMBAI JAN 12-13 ( confirm ur seats as soon as possible )

BANGALORE JAN 19-20 . ( 2-4 seats left )




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