Caution and Cash are good things to have !!!

Sensex Technical view :

As shown in the previous chart there is a whole lot of support around the 19500 zone. The different trendlines and channel come in a zone of 19500 + or - 250 points . Possibly the bottom could be near about that and a gap down fall 2 days back suggests it can be filled up in days to come. As we had advised some time back about a whole article on portfolio , mid caps etc to generate cash. The strategy continues to be same be cautious and hold the cash to keep u flexible to utilize opportunities possible.

Some thoughts :

Why do small investors get problems in investing....

Some lines :

intra - Day trading stocks become investments when they go down .

Short term dabba stocks are never booked partially also when they double or triple in greed of more. These remain in the portfolio in hopes of seeing previous highs.

Investment stocks are booked on 20% gains as movements are slow and steady .....later they rue about the fact i had that stock at such a low price....

All in all there are many mistakes all of us make but there is one thing we shud take care as one cant afford do the same mistakes again ..........Booking losses is what people are afraid of .....Businesses are bound to have risks and losses....So do review ur strategies as there is a long way for the markets in India ... Improvize , Optimize with every mistake as markets can create wealth for u only if u want to !!!

Stocks to watchout for :

Bombay Dyeing seems to be seeing good buying and can be bought on dips to 950 and momentum could be seen above 1030 levels . High risk as a volatile stock

Investment Stock :

Sadbhav Engg

An excellent fundamental stock . Can be taken as a fixed deposit or a systematic investment way with 3 months to 1 year. Only for patient players.

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