20500 ………Till its not breached be alert…

Sensex Technical View :

Sensex has still not cleared 20500 and the next 4-8 sessions would decide whether we are set for fresh moves on the index . Till then be highly stock specific and enjoy the run in our stocks 🙂 ..Many of the small and mid cap stocks have doubled and tripled.

Some thought :

People tell me sir tell me something like ispat , sun flag , vikas again .... Some good multibagger. The answer is simple it will turn out to be a multibagger if u WAIT and enjoy the run .... So be patient and convinced of the analysis before u look to invest.....

SMALL cap steels have again started hitting fresh highs ... i still say the same 1 yr multibagger many of them have gone 2-5 times frm reco but let the stocks be better given a time tgt then price tgt now 🙂 3 -4 mths done wait with part quantities

With the surge in the investors wealth as all mid cap growth companies have rocked its time to take a review of whether u r into right places or just buying coz its running .... Pennies may give u 300-500% returns but it will hurt u once very often so take care with ur exposures and allocations .

Only people who could have lost money or not made good money would be the 2-3% traders . Scavenging the market for 2 re trades is not a gr8 thing to do ...........


After a long time some review :

GTL INFRA Our all time favourite does 100 ...CLIENT CALL initiated at 26-30( rights adjusted ) 40 pe we gave a never sell on blog !!!

Mercator lines 58 to 170 today and going strong .... Core projects 200 to 460 going gr8 ...viceroy and gremach now starting...

Will give a review of all recos on blog in coming days........now to start of some weird ideas and reviews ...tomorrow we will see our other recos ka reviews...

HFCL and Cable corp written 2 freezes

Kopran , birla vxl , shloka 3 freezes ..raj rayon 27 to 35 ,..padmalaya 3 freezes super spinnign 22 to 27

Noble explochem 20 to 33 and still on freeze.......DECCAN gold has tocuhed 90 + frm 25 ....many such weird ideas rockimg......\\\

NEW Additions : JAI parabolic

Everonn ( was sent as free sms also 800 ka 1150 🙂 now ) , noida, Hind motors , amd metplast and many more rockers are pouring good money in for our clients.

Well in the past few months we have been getting such quick returns in our calls the patience is reducing so just for a reality check one should not expect 20% freezes our double money in quick time !!! Sparc did double in less then 3 weeks...Ispat did 4 times , Sun flag 4 times , GTl infra , mercator 3 times , vikas, core , ashapura etc etc double ............its a very long long list....

The list is long ............Thats why we advise less of leverage trading as we look for gr8 percentage and multibagging !!!

Blog was not being updated regularly in last 1-2 weeks as festivity combined with work .... this is being written at 2.15 am 🙂

Some of last few days messages :

26-Dec-2007 12:13:43
ALOK TEXTILES buy with 3 mths view. For Investors with patience buy 1 LOT AND rollover for 3 mths.

27-Dec-2007 10:47:08
ALOK moving .....above 96 expect 104 in near term can add more for short term ....And 3 mths view maintained. 1 lot roll for 3 mths

95 to 108 i.e 10-13 rs profit per lot ............3350 * 10 .

Stocks to watchout for :

NDTV looks good above 485 for a tgt of 530 + in extreme short term

Punj Lloyd above 580 look good for short term .

MAN inds recommended earlier at 155 has signalled a fresh breakout ...Above 165 can see 190 +

ASIAN CERC looks good for 2-3 weeks can give 20% returns .......

Long term investors can look to accumulate ASIAN electronics for steady returns and lower risk..............

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION : ( BATCH size is not more then 10 so book ur seats )

INDORE 5-6 JANUARY ( no seats left all done )

BANGALORE 19-20 JANUARY ( CONFIRM UR SEATS by mailing to noorock200@gmail.com or sms 09819225396 .. Will be informed of further notifications of venue etc )

MUMBAI or PUNE session also planned for this month ....

Best Regards,



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