Sugars, Rain calcining …. Stock specific is way to gain !!

Sensex Technical View :
Pasting same as yest as view remains same

Sensex has come out of the downard channel and needs to sustain above 20k levels for 4-6 sessions to give a fresh move. 20200-20400 zone as was mentioned way back when the prev top of 20200 was made and we had advised caution that time . Again its a crucial decider zone. The strategy should be to stay on alert around the same zones again and be highly highly stock specific as certain stocks will not get bogged down in breathers or will continue their run faster in better sentiments ...

Some of the previous charts links which moved well and have much more steam :

RAIN CALCINING does 70 frm 62 and THIRUMALAI CHEMICALS does 230 + from 195

Spentex Inds does 39.9 from 35 intraday itself all set for 42-50 !! Central Bank is a hold...
SUGARS rock the street as expected and said !! Dwarikesh , uttam , sakthi etc etc .... pick any stock and it was up 7-20% in the day ...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI DEC 15-16 . Interested people can get in touch to confirm their entries.

The course is designed in such a way that u need no knowledge of technicals or fundamentals just brief idea of mkts. The course is meant to train and make people independent and be able to analyze the way we do it in a simple manner. All those who are really interested in learning the analysis can get in touch if they have any queries . Nooresh 09819225396.

Stocks to watchout for :

Pochiraju inds ( 32.10) looks good on charts in the high risk high gains category sustaining above 34 should target 40 in short term .

PRAJ Inds looks good for positional players for a tgt of 245-250 in short term with a stop at 212.

Weird Small cap idea :

Raj Rayon

Technical speculation yet again for a short term 20-50% upmove in next 2 mths with a stop of 10% . Do ur own research

Some of the messages sent to clients in the day :

10-Dec-2007 10:36:23
Rain Calcining buy at 62 -63 for short term momentum. Keep a strict stop of 58.5

10-Dec-2007 11:59:27
APTECH buy at 415-420 for delivery short to medium term tgt 460-490

Some recent long term stocks given to clients are already giving 20-30% gains .. Sun Pharma Advanced advised at 91-94 is now at 116-120 zone , Viceroy at 103 is now at 120 + . Long term investors can look to accumulate the same stocks on every decline.


Another addition to my never sell list of stocks like aptech , aban , alpha geo , educomp , NIIT , Core Projects , etc

Gremach Infrastructure Equipments and Projects

The stock has been continously recommended to our clients right from 195 levels again at 220 then at 260 . We continue to remain bullish even at 345 levels as the plans and the subsequent developments in the company look very promising. This was discussed on the blog couple of times but not clearly. The stock is also one of our Diwali picks.

A small factfile.




Apart from this the core business of Const equipments itself is doing great and should continue to do so .

Lehman Brothers , Merill Lynch , UBS , Franklin and many other mutual funds and DIIs hold a sizeable 20 -30% .

BUT dont expect returns in short term . Only Investors who can slowly accumulate the stock on every declines with a view of 6 mths to 2 years without seeing the daily price should take fresh exposures...

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