New High !! IF U CANT BUY STOP SELLING .. implies to investors only :)

Sensex view :

Markets have scaled new highs but its not that convincing as a breakout into new highs if accompanied but good magnitude moves would be great. So selective picking of stocks needed. CLosing above 20400 for 4 sessions would confirm a fresh sustainable move.

As i had said before IF U CANT BUYING STOP SELLING ....implies to investors only ... trading money needs to be churned to generate more 🙂

I just remember a few lines which one of our clients and friend spoke.

Sir aapse milne ke pehle problem ye tha ki kya buy kare , ab problem ye hai ki kya sell kare sab to chal hi rahe hai 🙂

English : Before getting associated with u the problem was what to buy now the problem is what to sell coz all are running ..

So i dont understand whether we have solved some problems or created much more 😉 ha:)

Review : No time today so review this weekend ...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI DEC 15-16 . Interested people can get in touch to confirm their entries.

Be highly stock specific and in bull runs worst thing an investor can do is forget discipline and buy whole lot of pennies and junk their portfolio . Pennies are good money and fun but creating a habbit can be expensive !!!

Stocks to watchout for :

OBC looks excellent for long term players as a good banking stock which has not got its due. Earlier diwali picks PNB and Canara Bank are doing good 🙂

Short term players can look for swing trades in Sterlite above 1150 , PUNJ lloyd and NTPC in small qty on declines.

Suraj Diamonds and Shrenuj Inds are good from investment point of view with a tgt of 20-30% in next 3 mths . Accumulate on every decline.

CREW BOS and RUSANDIK engg bottom fishing investors can look into it ..

DISH TV above 99 and Fortis Health above 88 would be fast picks !!

MEssages sent to clients in past few days :

10-Dec-2007 11:57:25

APTECH buy at 415-420 for delivery short to medium term tgt 460-490 ( does a high of 445 0dd still hold )

10-Dec-2007 14:35:45
Ballarpur inds buy for positional tgt 175-190 stop of 156.5 ( 162 to 186 already .... more steam left )

11-Dec-2007 09:53:45

Buy PRAJ Inds 218-221 stop of 210 for short term delivery tgt 245-255. ( 235 + already ... holding for more )

11-Dec-2007 10:18:08

Aptech rocking 446 Fin tech 2560 + . BUY NDTGV at 390 stop of 378 for a tgt 415 -440 iin delivery
( NDTV 390 to 450 in 2 days...stilll small qty holding )

12-Dec-2007 10:44:19
IOC buy now at 654 for momentum trading for short term stop of 640 tgt 680 ( does intra day high of 677 .... still holding )

Sun Pharma Advanced reco at 90-94 does 142 today in less then 3 weeks 🙂 ... long term hold maintained...

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