Fed Cut markets already discounted it !!

Sensex technical View :

Sensex has made a new high but still it would only be convincing 20200-20400 is surpassed with good strength and till then its better to be cautious then optimistic. Supports on the lower side at 19800 in extreme short term .

Fundamentally and sentiment wise a .25 basis cut has already been factored in so as u say buy on rumours sell on news . Such a phenemenon seen in DOW and could be tomorrow in Asian markets.

As a matter of fact we advised reducing leverage and generating cash in last 2 days . Stock specific activity was only advised.

Review : Spentex inds does 1st tgt 42 , Rain does 80 ...

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Stocks to watchout for :

Weird small cap

Super Spinning Mills looks a good bet for high risk players for a tgt of 30 in short term with a stop below 18.5

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