20500!!! Can it go beyond !!

Sensex technical view :

Earlier at 20200-20400 zone during fed cut we had cautioned all and advised reducing leverage and we saw a good 1000 + points correction . Followed by which we sent a mail with the analysis to our clients showing why we feel a bounce is on cards frm 18900 zones. And boom we see a 1000 + points move and back above 20200. the same was chart was posted 2-3 days later on the blog for al to see...

And currently yet again we are nearing a sort of go for the kill or sleep zone... Sensex needs to cross abobve 20500 convincingly and sustains . In such a breakout it could lead to a possible surge to notch 22k in next 2 -8 weeks.. yet again in the case of a breakout certain stocks of the index will only rule the rally so selective stock picking NEEDED !!....

Review :

After a brief break during christmas and idd back with some time to update stuff but majority of the recent moves have been given as calls to clients and some messages on sms on our Free sms service ... Will soon make a consolidated view of the messages sent!!!

SPICEJET was given at 67-70 with a view to add on every declines has touched 87 !!! Crossing or hittin 100 is not far...

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION : ( BATCH size is not more then 10 so book ur seats )

INDORE 5-6 JANUARY ( only 1 or 2 seats left )

BANGALORE 19-20 JANUARY ( CONFIRM UR SEATS by mailing to noorock200@gmail.com or sms 09819225396 .. Will be informed of further notifications of venue etc )

MUMBAI or PUNE session also planned for this month ....

People seriosuly interested in learning technicals and applying it in a simple manner and become independent can contact Nooresh 09819225396 for queries .. aftr mkt hours only 😉

Stocks to watchout for :

All the oil stocks like HPCL , BPCL , IOC are on a verge of a possibly big big bullish moves technically in next 2-4 weeks and can expect unexpected moves in the stocks in coming weeks and that is one of the reasons i expect a good support on indices. ( Disclosure Clients have been recommended to accumulate HPCL and IOC at 330 and 630 for medium term steady gains add more calls might be suggested at appropriate times ) ... Many funda and contrarian ppl who have picked it before but the charts suggest now is the time ... so hold and accumulate

Reliance inds as have been saying in past few weeks that it can possibly cross 3k zones convincingly and can lead to good support to indices... so keep watch

GEI inds one of our earlier long term picks frm 70 levels and again advised at sub 120 levels on diwali is all set for fresh moves and is a good investment pick for medium term at 135-140 levels. For more diwali picks check the detailed report sent on NOV 5 to clients.


Hotel leela looks good for short term and can touch 80 + levels in near term

Maral Overseas looks good on speculative gains for short term as the whole sector stocks like satnam , daawat , kohinoor have seen a good 20% + moves ....

HFCL and Cable corp could restart hitting ckts.... cant really say weird small caps as pretty good stocks...

AMD metplast is still a hold and buy abovee 66-67 for quick 20% ....



After some time a new addition to our list of never sell stocks mercator , gtl infra , mcnally , gremach and some other stocks which have rocked and have more to come....

A small fact file :

J W mariott Chennai 350 room hotel scheduled to open in April 09 . Renaissance banglore in 2010 , also Hydbd hotels and the business doing gr8 and property prices nothing to imagine about .... Breadtalk a FnB venture etc look promising and valuations look excellent and should see a re rating as completion dates comes near ... Also all hotel stocks have not seen the effect of real estate price rise as some of the properties can turn out as gold mines .....

Rakesh jhunjhunwala holds 10-13% stake and is a director. SONATA investments i.e Anil ambani holds 3% stake and some others hold 28% of total stock officially ... The stock has not seen great appreciation in the last 1 year or so since the institutions have taken the stakes.....

setting targets would be difficult for the stock but be patient with the stock for next 3 months to 1 year and could turn out to be an excellent pick...

Disclosure ( Strongly recommended to clients at 100-104 2 weeks back and advised adding more quantity at 123-125 levels for investment )


https://analyseindia.blogspot.com for SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS for exclusive recommendations through email ,sms and yahoo..

Best Regards,



meraninooresh@yahoo.com noorrock2002@gmail.com

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