20200 -20400 caution zone yet again !!

Sensex Technical View :

Sensex has come out of the downard channel and needs to sustain above 20k levels for 4-6 sessions to give a fresh move. 20200-20400 zone as was mentioned way back when the prev top of 20200 was made and we had advised caution that time . Again its a crucial decider zone. The strategy should be to stay on alert around the same zones again and be highly highly stock specific as certain stocks will not get bogged down in breathers or will continue their run faster in better sentiments ...

Just for the info for new readers -
Views on the market before:

19200 top CLICK HERE to see the post ( Just open the link fo ctrl-f and type 19200 . Level was repeated n no of times and top at 19198 )

P-note day CLICK HERE to see the post

20200 top shown the level with chart !! CLICK HERE to see the post

Review: Core Projects double frm reco at 200 to 400 !!! still its a never sell stock .. Mcnally does 300 , Varun still good , Carol info stop at 75 . Sterlite Opticals does 360 and fresh move on cards hold for medium term with ds kulkarni , Plethico hold..Rsystems move to 106 frm 97 ..

Stocks to watchout for :

Sugar stocks as had said before in speculative view click here to see the LINK . All the sugar stocks have given a fresh move and hit recent new highs and could see some more moves in near term with volatility !! Best picks Sakthi , Uttam , Balrampur Chini , Renuka , Bajaj etc etc list is long ..

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI DEC 15-16 . Interested people can get in touch to confirm their entries.

The course is designed in such a way that u need no knowledge of technicals or fundamentals just brief idea of mkts. The course is meant to train and make people independent and be able to analyze the way we do it in a simple manner. All those who are really interested in learning the analysis can get in touch if they have any queries . Nooresh 09819225396.

Speculative Picks with high risk and high returns :

Spentex Inds can be bought around 32-35 for a tgt of 42-50 in next 2 weeks to 2 mths .

Central Bank a buy on declines till 138-140 for a tgt of 165 .

Weird Small cap Idea :

Padmalaya Telefilms

The stock is looking excellent on the charts and seems something is cooking on the fundas.The stock was hammered badly before due to Zee case etc.. ... High risk players can take small exposure with 10-15 % risk and possible weird gains . Pure technical speculation !!

Earlier in the same way we had picked K Sera Sera at 28 levels which touched 40 + LINK to see post and now we see ads on CNBC ... Deccan Gold mines was also covered at 23-24 levels which did 55 LINK to see the post after that and now is a multibagger reco by Poweryourtrade πŸ™‚

Stock to research on for long term gains :

Gremach Infra .... We have recommeded the stock at 195-220 zones for long term . Still looking good at 340-360 .. Also our diwali pick at 265 !! Will post some details when i get time to frame it well !!

Some mathematical thoughts :

Why do some of the so called analysts giving FNO and even stock calls talk in terms of money made per lot or in terms of the high or the no rupees upmove after reco !!.

For example RPL given at 212 does a high of 218 . i.e 3350 * 6 = 20k per lot !! mathematically thats a gain 2.8% if u do the trade exactly on the high !!
Reliance Energy reco at 1900 does a high of 1950 gives a gain of 50 rs per share . thats again 2.63% !

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