18900 ….crucial level on closing basis..

Sensex technical View :

Crucial supports for sensex is placed at 18900 zone which should not be breached on a closing basis. Be highly stock specific. Caution was advised for last few days to the clients as seen in the newsletters posted to them. Keep stoplosses and trailing stoplosses as conserving capital is more important then making profits.

Review : will keep this section for the weekend....

Stocks to watchout for :

Panorama Universal ( 531816 )

High risk traders can buy the stock slowly betwen 124-118 and stop would be 114 on closing basis for a 140-165.

Weird Small cap ideas :

Two Birla Group companies in the highest risk segment

Birla VXL

The stock has bounced back strongly after being beaten down and shifted to T2T segment and is now all set for possible fresh moves.Risky penny pickers can buy it for 3 months .

Shloka Info (511607)

A yash Birla group co which is into education software and publications !! Earlier the stock was to named Birla Lifestyles !! but with the current trend the new name is going to be Birla Shloka Edutech as per the announcements.... Very high risk stock !!!

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