Sunday thoughts……just a flashback

Now in this journey frm 8800 to 20000 just going through some of the links and the write ups which i picked up randomnly from the blog .....might have missed some good ones and some uninteresting ones to ..Readers who liked some specific post can put the link in the comment box for all to read and me to recollect 🙂

Just click the lines below which are hyperlinked to the posts..Also for the much more older ones the right panel has IFCI and other enjoyable links... Or just go through the archives list ... We are now almost 1.4 lac hits old ( counter put in later, hiding our blog age:) )

WALCHANDNAGAR ye saying from 1600 and i believe i must have repeated almost 100 times in last 3-4 mths frm 1600 to 10k ...JUST go through archives and ctrl-f 🙂

Sensex made bottoms at 8800 and 12300 ...ya thats when we said we wont see them for a long time .... Click to see views

Fool Hardy predictions another good read

RNRL a bagger in making , PUNJ lloyd next LnT , NMDC n MMTC gold mines , IFCI to touch 100

Sensex lifeline at 13700-13900 illustrated with chart ..... It dint break as said in extreme pessimism

chart and analysis for 13800 to be the bottom


Nagarjuna fert at 20 and RPL at 115 also GTL Infra

Mercator Lines recommended at 60 now the world is talking at 120 🙂

Small cap steels to be multibaggers in next 1 yr .SUN FLAG at 16 , Ispat at 18 , Vikas metals at 18 , Adhunik at 85 still more of talking and pricing to come

Sunday thoughts ...Art of Selling ! is NOT to sell


Sensex , reliance , Dow Jones and Post 8000 boom or doom Sensex to touch 45k -77k by 2018 said in our presentation in Sept 2005 at 8k levels 🙂 Download them and enjoy

Hope all the new readers have got some stuff to read and the older ones to recollect some good old memories 🙂

Happy Investing .

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