Struggling arnd 20k !! …BE stock specific

Sensex continues to pullback from lower levels on not so great volumes is a concern .. We did alert two days back on a pullback and dip to 19200 levels which did touch but jumped back to the same levels ..Its better to be safe in your trading positions and we continue to remain the same disciplined investors πŸ™‚

Technical View :

Sensex is facing resistance at 20200-20400 crucial levels and fresh buying could emerge on sustaining above the same. The gap of concern at 19250 levels has been filled which is a good sign and the reversal has been intraday. The current pullback has seen some stocks hit new highs so it implies the best way to go is stock specific !!!

Review : Om metals made a good move frm the recommended levels of 58 to hit 20% upper freeze at 74 and close to 1st tgt 75 . Book partially at those levels can do 90 also in coming days . Good small cap stock in the infra segment, Easun reyrolle and Revathi continue to hold and add for long term . Deccan gold mines on ckts..


Stocks to watchout for :

Alpha Geo

Yes my favourite stock frm 150 levels . recommended as a never sell is currently trading at 540 levels.. It is set for a fresh breakout above 560 and can touh 700 -1000 levels in the long run . Look to add on declines arnd 510-520 or close above 560 . Excellent pick and niche segment.Another stock which we picked in the proxy oil drilling segment DEEP inds is going one side from our reco at 70-80 levels to 160-180 now stay invested

Asian Oil fields

Another oil drilling stock which is the buzz of the markets is on for a fresh move to target 175 + in short term . Medium risk traders can pick up on monday morning πŸ™‚ for short term gains.

Fundamental players can have a look at Austin Engg as an emerging small cap . Monthly breakout on cards above 140 close. Do ur research πŸ™‚ in this gr8 pick as it needs patience.

Weird Small cap ideas :

Marksans Pharma

This has been one stock in which people got stuck at very high levels a year back . It is back on a fresh controlled move and those who have a good risk apetite can buy this for a tgt of 175-200 !

Nissan Copper

Another very high risk speculative stock which was pulled up frm ipo price of 39 to 135 on listing and subsequent inquiry led to one side to 25 levels. The stock has seen good accumulation in last many months and seems is back for another speculative one side rally .. If u have huge risk apetite to lose 20% then go for it to double ur money in best case ... RISKY stuff though due to the history ..But all stocks in copper, ferrous and other metals have seen good rise so a risky bet again πŸ™‚

Day trading pick : Punj Lloyd buy with a stop of 494 tgt 525. ( disclosure our btst call at 494 on friday booked part at 508 ) .Jyoti limited buy with a stop of 144 tgt 158 -167 .

Do check the post below for some flash back of some posts !!!!!!! DOWNLOAD OUR OLD PRESENTATION AND SOME INTERESTING CHARTS !!! SENSEX to touch 45k -77k by 2018 .....Presentation given at 8k by us ....

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