Struggling and dribbling for comfort !!!

Technical View :

As maintained in past few days stay light and no leverage or margin positions ..19100-19250 is a zone to watchout for as couple of close below it can lead to 18400 .The strategy is simple to avoid over run stocks and there is quite a lot of momentum in the non index based stocks which can be used for trading . And i repeat my lines as yesterday . If u r not in the market all u can lose is an opportunity !!!!!!!

There was a chart also posted few days back about the crucial higher zones around 20400 !! can check it for the reference ... we have corrected a good 1000 points almost frm the 20200 caution zones !


Just for the basic info:

There are no pre requisites like knowledge about technicals, fundamentals or statistics .

Main requisite is an interst to learn technicals.

The course has been structured in an easy to understand and practical way with simple approaches and has helped a whole lot of people till now to become independent in their investment and trading decisions πŸ™‚

for more queries call Nooresh 09819225396 ( after market hours obviously πŸ˜‰

Review :

Welspun india hits stoploss , Alpha Geo does 658 frm 550 , Asian oilfields comes down frm 3rd ckt , Nagarjuna fert whipsaws, Walchand reverses ,raymond dips , .KCP does 550 given at 430 ..

In the last 3 days despite of the volatility we had 3 days 3 stocks which did 20% freeze after reco

Nocil reco at 41 did 48 same day ( high of 58 and closed today at 48 )

Birla Power given at 42 does 48 ( todays high 56 closed at 52 odd )

Ramsarup given at 181 does 234 today at 20% freeze ( closed at 232 )

Other then that our old recos like godrej , gremach , Kcp continued to grow...

At the same time we did hit some small stops in trading calls of Gail ,Srf , bhel , ttml , nagarjuna but exitted early as per disciplined way .Will have a re look in comfortable zones for trading πŸ™‚

Stocks to watchout for

Buy SUn Pharma Advanced ( 532872 ) above 91.5 only stop of 86 tgt 104-15 on delivery .

Watchout for fresh move in Ispat Inds above 32-33 close ... Our initial call given at 18 rs as a multibagger 1 yr down the line and i still maintain the views DOWNLOAD OUR OLD PRESENTATION AND SOME INTERESTING CHARTS !!! SENSEX to touch 45k -77k by 2018 .....Presentation given at 8k by us ....

TO SUBSCRIBE to our recommendations check for the details.TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION DELHI NOVEMBER 17-18 .SERIOUSLY INTERESTED PEOPLE CONTACT NOORESH 09819225396 for details

Best Regards,

Nooresh 09819225396

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