The above words are the most important for all the short term traders . But emotions and guts and resistance to accept the mistakes and book small losses . Above all traders need to be very swift in their moves as markets are a daily battlefield whereas investors just need to relax , sitback and just keep track whether they are following the basic fundas or not.

Just as a matter of fact i would like to put in a link with some good quotes which was earlier posted on the blog..

Sensex technical View:

For a long time it has been mentioned 20k is a level to watchout for and see if markets sustain or not . Also the crucial short term level of 19100 is being broken . Supports are now placed at 17800 if we break previous low of 18300. And as before the time is to be highly stock specific coz not many hold the 30 on sensex or 50 on nifty so it entirely depends whether u enjoyed the index rally or u r losing on the correction. The strategy should be to stay cool and not be in a hurry to buy and at the same time desperate to sell. Be stock specific and accumulate in small quantities and keep cash reserves always !!!

Review: RTS , Mudra are still good for delivery. J B chem nearing stops . Bata and Stone wait to add more or just hold.

Some more stock charts posted alongwith sensex charts..

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