Stop watching TV!!!! Decide for yourself !!

Sensex rocks 900 odd points in the day and back to striking distance of prev high of 20238 ... Few days back at 20k ppl on TV and on the streets were talking 22k and what not and we said avoid !!! Sensex does 18330 and people on TV and elsewhere start talking 16k !!! while our view was 18300-18500 supprt and should bounce to 19500 and good above 19600 ( we got more quickly but do we mind 🙂 hah) ...... So all in all the TV , streets, marketmen tried to convince u not to make money !!! Well but if u decide for urself and are disciplined as many of the ppl reading this are should sit back and give a tap on ur back and again be alert for fresh decisions !!!

Technical View :

Sensex has cleared the hurdle at 19500 zone and has shown a strong bullish candle but till we dont clear our 20300-20400 zone it cannot be termed a runaway breakout . The fibonacci support stated 18300-18500 with the analysis !!!! The current bounce has seen good bounce and new highs for many stocks , so be stock specific coz money is in stocks not indices ............

Review :


Any and every small cap steel stock was on upper freeze today !!!

20% === Kamdheno ispat , Gallant , UTTAM GALWA ( our morning call to clients ) , Sal Steel , Vikas Metals ( both our day calls on blog ) ,Shah Alloys ,
10% = Ispat Inds ( rocking frm 18 and 32 ) , Sun Flag ( rocking frm 16 and 32 )

Many more with the word steel just rocked but we focussed on the best mover in them ISPAT , SUN FLAG , UTTAM GALWA.

Although Gallant , Adhunik , South Iron Steel , Vikas Metals , were earlier covered in the blog ....Only Pennar inds has beeen a loser !!!

ALL STOCKS HAVE given 100-250 %% returns but i still maintain my bullish multibagger view in the longer run !!!

OM Metals reco given at 58 . Some big fund picked up at 75 now at 85 !! cheers.... Birla Power given at 42 does 80 non stop ....Premier Ltd 103 ka 135 and much much more to come ...premier auto electric does 20%%% at 44 frm 36 much more to come ( alerted on free sms in the day also ) Hindalco 170 ka 220 .....

HMT , ITI , Uttam Galwa steels recommended to clients in last 2 days in newsletter rocking quicker then expected !!

Stocks to watchout for :

High risk delivery calls : Accumulate Wire and Wireless and Hindustan Organic Chemicals for 20% gains !!

Intra day ckt hitters : Kamdhenu Ispat for 10-20% moves .

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