As being mentioned in last few days dont see the index to decide for ur trading and investment calls and be highly stock specific...........

In last 2 days some of the excellent ,good even ugly mid and small caps have zoomed !!! Many of them have been covered in the blog here and cant cover all we like or all we recommend !!!

Sensex technical View:

Sensex continues towards 20k and struggles as before. The indice compositions have seen varied movements !! so its time to be highly stock specific as some index stocks are up 20% while some are down 10% so u need to pick the good ones.....Till we dont see a crossover above 20300 the channel top will continue to put pressure..

Review :

I think i ll cut down on the stocks here ......As the list of performers is toooooooooooo long !!! Only one thing can be said here is book partial profits to conserve ur gains and make u comfortable to be part of the momentum rally in the recommended stocks... Andhra Petro rocks does 34 !! many did ask me on this so view remains stay invested...

Stocks to watchout for :

Balmer Lawrie ( 523319 ) and Bayer Cropscience ( 506285)

Both the above stocks are excellent fundamental and value picks at current levels. Many people who have researched on this have been stuck for some time now with not the xpected moves ... The only reason it deserves a mention here is both have firmed on the daily and weekly charts and above 590 and and 385 close the above can knock huge gains and hidden value should get unlocked..

Ballarpur Inds is shaping up well on the weekly charts keep a watch for big moves in coming days ...

IOC the only stock we recommended from the OIL pack at 525 does 610 !! looks good for more and can be added on declines if u have a good risk taking apetite as it could see much more momentum coming in . Bongai was recommended at 78 yest for BTST did way beyond our tgts...ONGC is a stock which needs a look by funda and value pickers !!

YES Bank and IDBI are good picks on declines for short term positional leverage participants.

Intra day ckt hitters : Andhra Petro ( lil risky ) , MEGHMANI and CHEMPLAST SANMAR ... Keep a stop of 2% below prev close.


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