Small cap steels rock the streets !! NOW the WORLD TALKIN!!

ISPAT inds frm 18 to 42 , Sun Flag from 16 to 34 , Vikas Metals 18 to 26 , Pennar Steels ( laggard down 2-5% ) , South Iron n Steel from 31 to 45 , Adhunik metals etc etc.......................All the small cap steels have rocked !!!! And we still maintain our multibagger view on the sector ...........

We came out with a whole report and contiously mentioned it on Sept 13 and continously repeating to buy , accumulate on every fresh move in them.....Ispat was again said at 32 to buy more......Now the world is talking and will continue to talk as more is yet to be seen !!!!!!! i would repeat my words " Somethings were cooking fundamentally we could smell it technically " !!!

Also just go through the archives !! CTRL-F Ispat

Similarly we pointed out on POWER pack ........REL at 590 did 2000 , Torrent Power at 70 now 200 , Tata Power 690 to 1400 , GIPCL 84 to 130 , NTPC 170 to 270 , Neyvyeli 90 to 200 ............All the stocks have given huge 100-150 % returns .......As i have said before forget small quantity of these stocks u bought cheaply and reap more benefits...........It seems Power is the next captial goods type run !!

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION DELHI NOVEMBER 17-18 and Mumbai DEC 1-2 . Do confirm ur seats..

NEXT Sector yet again !!!

Oil Drilling stocks...

About 6-10 months back i was writing about this sector lot of times..Many of the stocks recommended have done a good run ... like Aban ( reco at 1200 ) Alpha GEo ( at 160 ) , DEEP Inds ( at 70 ) ,

Will soon come out with a detailed view on the same...

Sensex Review and technical View :

When everyone was shouting 22k at 20k we had very well cautioned all the investors to stay away and dont be leveraged and we could see a dip !!! The markets took a good lil correction to 18300 levels...

At the same point people started talking 16k !! Our view was support in the range of 18300-18500 as m not interested in finding exact supports as shown in the fibo view but a range so u dont keep waiting 🙂 for some more dip ... Ideally the markets hould bounce to 19100 ( already done ) and 19500 . Be stock specific as mentioned coz some stocks will continue to out perform ...


Walchand n ind hume in reverse gear , SYNDICATE rocks does 107.6 rightaway !! , ISPAT freezed again at 42.8 , SunFlag iron 20% , Vikas Metals 20% , NTPC rocks intraday !! , Jp hydro stable , Hanung does 245 , Rain calcin does 56 , Alpha Geo n Asian continue to rock , Premier ltd 104 ka 128 , Rohit fero lil up , SURYAchakra intraday 20%% ..........................i better stop or list will be long,watchout for i... in coming days ...:)

Stocks to watchout for :

Great Offshore

Another old time favourite recommended at 600 before did 900 then. After a huge consolidation this Oil drilling biggie is all set for fresh moves in coming weeks.. Investors with patience and looking for safe returns over 3 mths to 1 yr can keep accumulating ( Disclosure reco to clients at 815-820 today )

Shiv Vani Oil and Drilling

One of my favourites but a very slow mover which hit stoplosses of many traders but as i had siad before the fundamental story is excellent and u need patience and the stock can touch 4 figs in next 2 yrs ( earlier reco at 345 did 280 on lower side then now 420 ) . The stock has signalled a fresh breaklout and on every dip should be accumulated only for long term gains...( disclosure reco to clients at 410 today... )

Risk day traders :

Saamya Bio for intraday freeze or 10% + gains.. SAL steel and Vikas Metals for opening hour trade .

DOWNLOAD OUR OLD PRESENTATION AND SOME INTERESTING CHARTS !!! SENSEX to touch 45k -77k by 2018 .....Presentation given at 8k by us ....

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