Sensex getting tired arnd 20k !! Certain Stocks are not !!

Sensex technical View:
Markets continue to take hits closer to 20k levels . The short term supports is arnd 19000 -19250 zone which is an important level to watchout for!!! Rangebound and consolidating index after a good bull run is a time to checkout the methods u r doing to make money as it gets difficult and cracks or big jumps at such levels can kill u on either side.

Review : Rohit Ferro rocks and WWIL continues .. Mudra , RTS and JB look good only...

20-Nov-2007 10:35:16

Short term del call : Buy AIR deccan at 160 and add at 155-156 stop of 151 tgt 185 +.

20-Nov-2007 12:04:16

AIR DECCAN raise stop to 165 and hold for tgt of 185 book part at 175 . Its a delivery pick:)

THE STOCK DID A HIGH OF 201 IN THE DAY ITSELF ...still advised small quantity to hold for del .

MEssage sent to clients which rocked big time on such a day also !!!Other like aban hit small stops.

TECHNICAL ANALYSIS SESSION MUMBAI DEC 1-2 . Interested people can confirm their seats. Also people interested for a session in Bangalore just email their details to .

Stocks to watchout for :


Short term delivery players can look to buy with a stop of 217 on closing basis and buy on declines for a tgt of 290-330 . Ideally buy only on sustaining above 246 for quick tgts and raised stop in that case .

STONE INDIA ( 522085)

The stock looks attractive on declines arnd 145-152 with a stop of 135 on closing basis with a view of 2 weeks to 3 months tgt 180-220.

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