Breather and dip from crucial zones…..

As we had cautioned in last few days crucial zones onf 20000-20400 are near and be alert on ur trading positions when people were ga ga on Fed cut and run 🙂 ...

Technical View :

Sensex looks to have made a double top on extreme short term basis aroud 20200 which is not a gr8 sign around the resistance zones of 20000-20400 .. The gap left around 19270 regions should be filled in days to come and avoid short term longs till we see a new high or a good dip ... Its better to re - enter in comfortable zones ... Extreme short term support at 19100-19300 ...

Review : Walchandnagar almost 10k ....have said aggresively at 1600 buy n keep for 1 yr some people also got a lil jittery when it declined a bit we maintained our view ,.... TEXMACO 1100 ka 1800 , NESCO 1600 ka 2900 cheers to our long term bets ...GULF oil has been stable but gr8 for long term ....KCP does 497 looks a gr8 long term bet , Ind Hume pipe 600 ka 1200 ( walchand grp c0 ) , Bata does tgt ,

Some of the messages sent to clients in last 2 days clearly showed our aprrehensions of short term longs whereas all of india was buying on back of the already factored in rate cut .... So in the end instead of reducing people made up bigger positions and a lil jitter down tomorrow will hurt them much more....

YESTERDAY we also sent the chart posted here to clients in market hours to caution and alert ...

31-Oct-2007 13:57:27

Keep strict stoplosses in the trading and dont be over leveraged as repeated in last 2 days ... CAIRN btst stop at 206 , Sterlite Optical high risk stop at 305


01-Nov-2007 11:42:02

We repeat as before dont be leveraged as we are near the crucial zones of 20000-400 and a breather or dip is possible in coming weeks. Better be cautious

01-Nov-2007 12:09:08

No fresh buying and exit all leverage positions and derivative margin longs.. Look towards buying investment stocks on declines in corrections

01-Nov-2007 12:27:58

No fresh buy recommendations! for short term buys .We continue to remain very bullish on our long term stocks ,only apprehensive of short term long trades .

01-Nov-2007 15:27:49

Reduce position in CAIRN del and other del calls as suggested to generate cash ..Please no leverage and derivative positions on long side BIOCON book part

Other trades in the day petronet stop hit , nifty loss of 40 points in high risk short ( hit the stoploss although down discipline is imp ) , Biocon did 536 to 550 intraday in btst call booked , RCOM did 794 to 815 but then hit stop after partial booking at 812 levels so...

This doesnt imply any panic but its better to be cautious and not be trapped at higher levels as people might have today on back of fed rate cut etc and rather be ready with resources to cash in on dips 😉 ...Global cues will be weak tomorrow so no trading calls as gap down opening ...For our long term bullish view just download the presentation we gave at 8k for tgt 45k -77k by 2018 when world was bearish and we super bullish and still r 🙂

DOWNLOAD OUR OLD PRESENTATION AND SOME INTERESTING CHARTS !!! SENSEX to touch 45k -77k by 2018 .....Presentation given at 8k by us ....

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