50 dema supports Sensex n Nifty …Rain Calcining…


The historical channel top at 60 odd levels. This is the fifth attempt at 55-60 zone!! If sustains above 62-64 levels can lead to a fresh upmove to 75-95 levels.. Only concern is stoplosses would be little deeper so do ur fundamental research ....

Sensex Technical View:

Sensex and Nifty have bounced back from 50 dema levels which is generally a good support in short term corrections. Bounce from these levels should see resistance 19100-19300.

Review: Revathi Equipments one of the 1 yr stock recommended alongwith Easun reyrolle hits 20% freeze . Keep holding for good long term gains on both the stocks... Pnb , Ntpc look good for investors.

Stocks to watchout for:

Majestic Auto for intraday freeze...

Prajay Engineers Syndicate and Great Offshore look good for 3-4 mths view with 15-25% gains . Slowly accumulate as great fundamental stocks with technicals confirming..

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