Momentum has no TOPS!!!

As i had given the chart of Sensex and Reliance Inds as an analogy where in i had shown that what can happen on a blockbuster triangle breakout ... I was of the view before getting into this super bullish territory which could be for next 2 years .... Reliance did 600 to 2400 ... Well such a move is not possible on indices but the triangle size and the channel frm 6250 top which is the main breakout area of this bullish cycle ... But the current triangle span is 1 yr and channel almost 4 yrs so i would not like to quantitfy the big big move possible in next 2 yrs πŸ™‚ ... It needs a whole lot of justifications which i would not like to put ....But soon will come out with a whole presentation for mkts ( what after 17 -18 k ) on the same as we did at 8k about a big move ( our earliest clients and students are the only people who know abt that ) ...Research and work is on πŸ™‚

The rally has to be very secular in nature and very bullish and quick in nature which is yet not the case with Sensex as rel pack has been the main contributor so there is a possibility of retesting the triangle line again that could be around 16500 or thereabouts in next few months ...

Review : I think i can cut this section now as all the stocks have inched up in the current rally πŸ™‚ Shiv Vani oil has come to 370 levels so those who are not convinced with the funda reasoning can exit others hold on with a view of 1 yr ... many other favs never sell stocks like Aptech , Aban Lloyd , Alpha Geo etc on new highs πŸ™‚ Many of the weird small cap ideas are rocking ckts everyday

Stocks For Now :

Parsvanath Developers

Intraday : Stop 349 buy at 357 -358 tgt 367 -378

Short term : Stop 340 tgt 390-400+

Short term 2-3 mths holding

OCL India

The only stock in the cement sector which has not moved ... can give 10-25% in next 3 weeks ... Safe low risk high returns

Madhucon Projects

Buy with a stop of 238 on closing basis tgt 290-330 ..Very good investment at current levels for medium term also .. GOod Funda

Intra Day ckt hitters ( Catch at 9.55 sell by 1 -3 pm )

ESS DEE Aluminium , Shiva Cement , Mount Shivalik , Kerala Ayurvedic way spread ur risk in all πŸ™‚

Some lines to read πŸ™‚

Aptech looks set for 450 levels in extreme short term watchout ...

Mahindra Gesco , Bombay Dyeing can see good buying in coming days keep a close watch on these counters..

All Ferro , Ferrous metals stocks orsimply stocks ending with ferro , ferrous , alloys are seeing good buying due to some funda changes in scrap or other area do watchout .....Best picks NBventures , Raipir ALloys ...weird oes , Ferro Alloys , Lloyds Steel , Facor Alloys

Sugars seeing good buying but better to look at the stocks other then FNO as volatility will be less and when the move comes it will be simple 20% hit ....FNO stocks seeing wild gyrations if u have balls of steel buy and u will make money πŸ™‚

Beware of huge tgts given in operator stocks and book partial profits at good moves to reduce ur risks .... Coz if u wait for their tgts u may see whole lot of down ckts... Many good announcements etc etc are part of the game but investors and traders should know only DISCIPLINE πŸ™‚

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