Momentum has no TOPS!!! Watch for exhaustion though

As i had been saying we are out of the blockbuster triangle on the sensex and i would not give any targets because technically the projections would be minimum 19200 and higher also ...But the time is near to be cautious as we have seen the first big gap up of 100 odd points and any further gap ups can show signs of exhaustion in coming days...

Review : All the construction saw some good buying as expected ...IVRCL , HIND const , parsvanath , nagarjuna many others also look good ..
The best move was seen in PATEL Engg ...( recommended to clients strongly few days back at 475-480 does 570 still holding )

Watchout for Peninsula Land , Prajay engineers syndicate , Orbit corp andf hind construction in coming weeks...

RPL and IDEA rocked the srtreets as expected ..... RPL we gave free sms to people today hope everyone enjoyed....

Stocks to watchout for :

Cipla already recommended today in sms is all set for 205-210 in net few sessions...Day traders can watchout for good moves

Glenmark pharma ( already recommended to clients at 375 for 3 mths view ) ... looks set for 500 in coming weeks...investors can add on every declines

NIIT TECH watchout for 390 crossover can take it to 450 in short term

Stock for intra day ckts ....Ennore coke .Triton valve

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